Hello from Pamela


For the past year and a half, I have been focusing on producing a new “original” cd.  This process has re-focused my thinking on the importance of discipline.  My life had gone into a bit of auto-pilot mode where focus on discipline took a back seat to just getting through the day.  I believe that discipline, when properly focused, makes excellence a top priority.  I also have found that my days are much more productive and FUN!  Many years ago, I heard a sermon entitled “why can’t we finish?”  The main idea was the importance of being a finisher.  I took the theme a bit further and looked at how I can be a finisher and finish well.  Galatians 5:22 speaks of the fruit of the spirit called “self-control.”  Maybe God wants to cultivate this fruit in us because it truly causes us to know how important it is to Him to think through our actions and words.  On its face, self-control seems to be boring and stale.  To the contrary, it actually brings peace and love into greater focus, since being out-of-control tends to cause strife and dissention.   Self-control is the starting point of discipline.  Discipline is not the finish line, but it sure feels great to have all of my senses alive, fully firing and dancing!  Discipline has caused me to see finishing well as my reasonable service to my family, my friends and to Christ.

“Let your Walk and your Work be your Worship”

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  1. shari Weefur says:


    You are abolutely right. It does not matter what monumental task you start unless you finish—an finish well. Thanks for the insight.