Words Matter!

Words Matter!

The Word Faith movement and its bogus teachings are rampant. My heart is often grieved (and sometimes enraged to be honest) when I hear fellow christians take and use scripture so out of context. My father, before his passing last year, sat me down and said “pay attention to words, baby – they matter!” He was an avid, long -time student of rightly dividing the word of truth and he taught others how to do the same. He would often point out the inconsistencies in what a person would say they believed by asking questions like “Do you take any medications?” The person would answer in the affirmative and he would say “why, if you have the power to speak away your pain or illness would you do that?” He, of course, would be addressing someone who would have just said to him “the Bible says speak those things that are not as though they were” or “don’t claim that”. After a lengthy discussion about the context of the scripture, my dad would often invite further discussion on an ongoing basis with many people. Over the past 10 years or so, I have seen the cutesie church phrases incorporating out of context scripture grow by leaps and bounds. It seems that it started in certain charismatic denominations, but now I find it in the pulpits and pews in almost every denomination. I am mortified at the fact that we will not study scripture for context – both immediate and overall context. I find it sad to think that we have such a desire for the things of this world, as is evidenced by how prosperity teaching has all but consumed many of us, that we will hold tight to wrong teachings with all our might. Many will fight to the point of bitterness when context questions are raised. The question is not of our faith or the promises of God, but of truth of the Word. I am happy to say that my love relationship with the Lord is beautiful in that I am adored by God, I am chastened sometimes, I receive really cool earthly gifts and I am prompted by the Holy Spirit to give (in every way) to serve others. My sisters and brothers, pray for wisdom. Please look deeply into the scriptures for answers. Don’t be afraid to cross reference and look up words in the original texts. And by all means, know that the words we hear and speak MATTER!


“Let your Walk and your Work be your Worship”

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