Poem: “Trinity Treasure”

“If you need a car, a car dealer will do. If you need a house, a realtor can come to your rescue. If it’s diamonds you need, go to the jeweler down the street. But go to the throne of God, if it’s peace that you seek. Call up a podiatrist, if your feet have put you down. Make your way to a seamstress for that extra special wedding gown. A dentist can be called, if your tooth begins to ache. But none can do like Jesus, when your heart begins to break. You say your furniture looks shabby, an upholsterer can make it chic. If Climbing Mt. Everest is your dream, a Sherpa can take you to the peak. Give a shout to your tailor, if a suit can set you apart. The Holy Spirit is who I recommend, if you need comfort for your heart. You see earthly things can be handled by those applying earthly measure, but only God can give us truly heavenly treasure.(c) November 20, 2013.

Humbly Written and Submitted by Pamela Baker

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