Some Lessons are Quick!

Dedicated to Clyde, Brittany and Breanna Dyson – the best of Theda’s heart!

On August 19, 2012, I was sitting in the Alexandria, Louisiana airport alone with my thoughts.  My mind quickly turned from the ease of getting through the security line to the heart-wrenching situation that I had just experienced over the past 5 days.  My precious friend, Theda Mines Dyson, had been called home to our Lord and I was heading back to North Carolina after the home going celebration – leaving her family to gather their lives back together and trust God for daily peace.  What I was feeling was familiar, as I had experienced the death of my brother-in-law suddenly about 2 years ago.   As with his death, I found myself struggling with feelings of Theda being ripped away.  I sensed what seemed to be an actual tearing of my emotions.  This was complex stuff and I was going around in circles.   I was praying a little bit and thinking a little bit.  Finally, I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to write. The same question immediately came to mind that often does in trying times.  Pam, what have you learned?  “Already?” I thought.  “Won’t the learning come later?”  How could I have learned anything, when I couldn’t even think or pray straight?  No, this one was quick.  Got it!  The learning was in the reason I was so deeply effected by Theda’s sudden departure- time really is of the essence.  Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 speaks of the seasons of life and that there is a time to die.  Since such time is beyond our control, a lesson here must be to treat each relationship with which we’ve been blessed as treasure.  Put peace before pride, place a premium on speaking the truth in love and by all means forgive and keep no records.  God reminded me that Theda and I had never had an argument about anything, so Theda’s sudden departure did not represent regrets about unspoken things or unresolved problems.  As imperfect as we both were, God had given us an immeasurable gift.  He had blessed us to walk out the spirit and letter of 1Corinthians 13:4-7.  There had been nothing lacking in our communication or otherwise in the entire 9 years of our friendship.  We had laughed together often, prayed together often, we had encouraged each other each time we spoke on the phone or were in each other’s presence and we never forgot to say “I love you”, even on voicemail.  So there it was soothing my heart, a quick but powerful lesson.  God wanted me to honor Him, Theda’s life and the lesson by treasuring ALL of my relationship’s in the good times and bad.  Each day I get presents a new opportunity to run towards peace through the door of love.

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